SAP Business One V10.0 – a new major release of the ERP-system for small, medium, and sometimes quite large business from the German company SAP SE.

SAP SE is one of the largest players in the world in the market for enterprise management software products. The company successfully automates the business since 1972 and annually expands its product portfolio through the best innovative solutions, as well as the use of modern technologies in them.


  •  “User-centric”. The solution is designed so that the user can work with it as easily as with any other application that he uses for personal purposes.
  • Powerful platform. Ensuring that the system is open for integration. The platform allows you to use the maximum potential due to the correct work with third-party software products. For example, SAP Business One integrates with e-commerce systems, other platforms with large volume of data, warehouse and production equipment, etc.
  • Built-in integration scenarios (Integration Hub). There are easy to implement solutions from the vendor, the number of which is constantly increasing. They are aimed at simplifying the process of integration and system configuration.
  • Cloud. Ensuring smooth operation due to the separation of the client and server parts.
  • Intelligence. Built-in artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics tools and many other valuable business tools.

Version 10.0 contains significant improvements in all blocks. Here are some key improvements:

  • The new Web client not only makes it possible to get the best user experience, but also allows you to work from any device. The interface of the SAP Business One Web client is based on Fiori technology, the task of which is to simplify inventory and partners management, creating and viewing documents, get analytics. The web client, like the user application, has a large amount of functionality, flexibility of settings in terms of personalization and usability.
  • Improved compatibility with Office 365. There is a pre-built integration scenario available on the Integration Hub, which is mentioned above. In addition, thanks to the built-in Integration Framework (B1if), are also available integration scenarios for Magento, SalesForce, MailChimp and many other solutions, the number of which is regularly updated by SAP
  • In addition, a pre-configured scenario is available for Intercompany integration – the holding structure of the system, which can significantly reduce the amount of manual labor for employees to enter data, group it, compare and analyze it.

And now about early adopters. For customers who are ready to implement the new version, the vendor offers a special support.

In addition to the expertise of the implementation partner, the customer receives support and close monitoring of SAP for the correct implementation and optimization of the system for the user’s tasks, and can also offer its participation in testing the system before go-live.


Are you ready to become the owner of a leading business management solution?

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