What is the most important thing in production today – equipment, people, intellectual property? Yes, all of the above. However, if we treat the company solely as a business, we see that the most important thing is the ability to transparently manage all processes, respond to challenges. Finally get the same valuable product for which the customer will pay money under the contract.

Many people in the industry are allergic to the expressions “Digital Transformation” and “Industry 4.0.” But what do we really have? Few companies have become really “intelligent”.

We’re not saying that other companies are hopelessly behind. Absolutely not, because they are updating equipment, increasing production capacity. Leading companies implement the principles of Lean Manufacturing.

But if we do not submit raw materials to the production in time, and all the expertise of employees will be only in our heads, we will face difficulties in the development of the enterprise. Its entry to a new level will be slow. It becomes superfluous to talk about conquering new markets, challenges and achievements.


You need a tool to create a “intelligent” business. At first glance, it is difficult to understand the value and potential profitability of the information product to control all processes in the enterprise. However, we have the opportunity to look at the experience of other companies and use the best solutions on the market.



All enterprise processes become transparent. Any aspect of production becomes available in a single system. This significantly speeds up data processing and simplifies the management decision-making process.

The optimal loading of resources. With the increase in the range and specification of end products, the process of planning the load of production resources and inventory management becomes more complicated. Especially if the finished product goes through many stages of production. For a modern production planning system, this is a standard task that it easily solves thanks to new technologies.

Do you know exactly how much you earn, and do you fully control the margin? Each product and raw material goes through its life cycle, during which its cost is constantly changing. Therefore, it is very important to have a tool that can take into account all the factors, and on their basis to accurately calculate the cost of the final product.

Manage the development of new products and versions of existing ones. When the product is improved, all other divisions of the company must respond in a timely manner to avoid surpluses in warehouses and sales at an incorrect price.

Money is no longer frozen in raw materials. The system helps to plan stocks so as not to overload the warehouse and fulfill all customer orders on time.

International standards. If the production process affects the cost as well as the characteristics of the product – it is very important to manage it in accordance with international standards. The system allows you to do this. The high level of production standards contributes to the growth of the company’s marketing attractiveness and increases the number of new customers.



Beas Manufacturing is a solution that has proven to be the best production module for SAP Business One in more than 100 countries. Over 17 years, more than 900 companies have used the solution.

Beas Manufacturing helps to effectively manage the following processes:

  • Organization of prompt production management
  • Obtaining up-to-date production data
  • Import data from CAD systems
  • Changing the structure of products in accordance with the customer’s request
  • Effective quality control management

The possibilities of the solution are not exhausted. The user gets powerful tools.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Deep acquaintance and implementation of Beas Manufacturing allows bringing business to a qualitatively new level.

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