Produmex WMS (Warehouse Management System) is the solution of choice for many SAP Business One users. It helps enterprises optimize and automate more complex warehouse and supply chain management operations. In addition, it is an extremely scalable application that is ideal for organizations with a small or large number of portable devices.

SAP Warehouse Management is a fully certified and integrated module that supports multiple warehouses and operators, handling large volumes of system transactions in real time.

Since most companies are part of a global supply chain, they often need speed, agility, traceability and compliance within their systems as a solid foundation for business growth.

Produmex WMS is used worldwide by small and medium-sized distribution companies that have a large number of individual warehouse positions and high volume of inventory movements. This SAP WMS is used by organizations in the following sectors: Food & Beverage, Medicine & Beauty, Automotive, Furniture, Home & Garden, DIY.

The functionality available from a handheld device running Produmex WMS includes:

  • Warehouse organization structure in SAP B1 Container location, tiered structure, and extension of basic product data.
  • System permissions.
  • GS1-compliant SSCC, GTIN, batch, expiration date, quantity, weight, serial number.
  • Catch weight management
  • Batch attributes
  • Advanced shipment notification
  • Receipt of goods based on PO, no PO, container, ASN, bulk receipt
  • Quality management for receiving
  • Cross-docking
  • Shipment to default hopper or zone, free or directed through stock movement
  • Return of stock
  • Distribution of inventory at the location, batch or logistics unit level
  • Kitting – wave kitting, zone kitting, special kitting, FIFO multi-kitting, FEFO based kitting, shelf life based kitting.
  • Packing – creation of logistic units at the packing station / mobile packing
  • Return of goods
  • Quality status in stock – quarantine, blocking, release
  • Full traceability – audit trail of “who, what, when” with reasons.
  • Cycle counting – statistical counting, tasks, during operations, ad-hoc
  • Delivery routes – (truck based) volume/weight calculation by route, view on google maps.
  • Automatic pick list creation with criteria-based pick list creation
  • Advanced shipment system – shipment based on product characteristics, hopper location
  • 3PL billing – billing based on services rather than goods.
  • Supports integration with conveyor/crane equipment

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