SAP Business One provides an affordable way to manage your entire business, from accounting and finance, purchasing, inventory, sales, customer relations, and project management to operations and human resources. SAP Business One will help you need to streamline processes and gain a better understanding of the state of the business so that you can act quickly and accept real-time information-driven solutions that drive profit growth.

The only picture of business for complete control on your part.
We understand that a business like yours has adult ambitions and big goals, and that as it grows, it will become more difficult get a general picture of everything that is happening at any time, if the information is accumulated in different means or even locations. SAP Business One is designed for small and medium-sized businesses: it is grows with you, it’s flexible, modular, yet powerful, and has a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface.


SAP Business One is a complete integrated solution that gives you a clear vision of the entire business and complete control over every aspect of the activity. It collects all critical business information and provides instant access to it from any desktop places in the company. Unlike accounting packages and spreadsheets, it provides you with everything you need for management of key areas of business.

Because the whole business is different, SAP Business One is flexible. You will be able to access SAP Business One hosted on the company’s server or on the cloud platform, anytime, anywhere and from any mobile device. And because SAP Business One can run on server platforms such as SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL, you can choose what for your business is best suited.

In addition, your employees will be able to use it from day one. As your business grows, so will you adapt and expand SAP Business One to meet changing needs.

Do you want to develop your business abroad? SAP Business One supports 28 languages ​​and 50 localized versions provided and
are supported locally by developed network SAP Business One partners.


SAP Business One provides a complete set of tools that will help you manage financial transactions and their rationalization. This solution provides automation of everyday accounting operations, such as accounting books and journal entries, support of tax calculations, conducting multi-currency transactions.

You can conduct all banking activities, including the processing of bank statements and payments, as well as reconciliation of accounts.
In addition, you can manage cash flow, track budgets, compare actual values ​​with planned to see the current state of affairs of their business.

By combining real-time financial activities with other business processes, such as purchasing and sales, you can speed up transactions and improve the transparency of cash flows.

Financial management

  • Accounting – Automatically process all major accounting processes, such as journaling, receivables, and receivables.
  • Management – accurately manage cash flow, track fixed assets, control budgets and keep track of project costs.
  • Simplification – management of fixed assets, the function of virtual fixed assets will save you the need from time to time enter data manually.
  • Banking and reconciliations – quickly process reconciliations, bank statements, and payments made in a variety of ways. such as checks, cash, bank transfer.
  • Financial Reporting and Analytics – Create standard or custom real-time reports for business planning and audits


Finding new customers is the key to success, but it is equally important to establish a close relationship with them. SAP Business One provides tools to help you more effectively manage your entire sales process and customer lifecycle, from first contact to final sale, as well as after-sales service and support.

Comprehensive functionality provides a holistic picture of prospective and existing customers so you can better understand and meet their needs. In this way you can turn potential customers into real ones, increase sales and profitability, improve customer satisfaction.

Sales and customer management

  • Sales and Opportunity Management – Track prospects and activities from first contact to close.
  • Marketing Campaign Management – Create, manage and analyze marketing activities.
  • Customer Management – Store all your important customer information in one place, sync and organize customer contact information stored in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Service Management – Effectively manage warranties and service agreements, enter and respond to service requests promptly.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Create detailed reports on all aspects of the sales process, including sales forecasting and tracking standard processes with time-saving templates.

Make your sales mobile – manage on-the-go sales information with the mobile app for SAP Business One sales


Every small business needs a systematic approach to managing the procurement process from requesting a supplier’s proposal to submitting a purchase request and making a payment to the supplier. SAP Business One helps you organize your entire order-to-payment cycle, including invoices, bills, refunds, and payments. Built-in reporting tools make it easy to compare suppliers and quotes, making it easier to make better deals and identify prospects for savings.

Inventory and procurement control

  • Procurement – create purchase orders, orders, invoices for goods; attach documents and review their audit trails; manage returns, extra costs and currencies.
  • Take precedence over management – manage detailed data in a friendly interface, view account balance and purchase analysis, keep detailed records of purchases of goods with price lists and tax information.
  • Warehouse and accounting integration – synchronize invoices for goods with inventory.
  • Process invoices for payment, cancellation, credit notes for relevant goods orders; plan material needs and related purchases.
  • Simpler and always up-to-date reporting – generate real-time reports and present them in a variety of formats reports or control panels.


SAP Business One provides you with accurate information on incoming and outgoing deliveries, inventory and product placement. You can estimate inventories by methods of accounting for regulatory costs, moving average cost, first receipt – first leave (FIFO) and other methods; monitor inventory levels; track movement in real time.

You can also upgrade inventory and check availability in real time, as well as manage standard and special rates. In addition, you can provide volume, cost, or customer discounts and generate reports that show their impact on your business.

Production planning

  • Warehouse and inventory management – manage inventory with a variety of valuation models maintain a database of goods, use different units and currencies.
  • Address storage system – manage stocks in several warehouses, dividing each warehouse into several subzones, install rules of placement, optimize the movement of stocks, reduce the time of receipt of goods from the warehouse.
  • Control of receipt and release of goods – keep records of receipt and release of goods; track the location of stocks and their movement; use batch payment, direct deliveries and other types of orders; calculate inventories and production cycles.
  • Production and material planning – create and maintain multi-level specifications to order, publish and place orders manually or with reverse cost allocation, set prices in specifications globally.
  • Effective reporting – Generate reports based on current data and present them in a variety of formats or control panels.


SAP Business One has powerful analytics and reporting tools. This solution contains an additional version of SAP Crystal Reports that built-in SAP Business One, which allows you to collect data from multiple sources and generate up-to-date and accurate reports based on data on the whole company. When integrated with Microsoft Office, the SAP Crystal Reports tool allows you to choose from many report formats and control access to displayed information.

Thanks to SAP HANA’s additional analytical capabilities, SAP Business One has the advantage of in-memory calculations for analytics and reporting. You get real-time access to standard control panels and reports, as well as productivity tools to support decision-making. You can customize forms and queries without any technical training. You can also configure exchange rate, authorization, and import and export functions for internal correspondence, e-mail, and data.

Business analytics

  • Create and customize reports – access data from multiple sources, create new reports, customize existing ones with a variety of schemes without the extra cost of IT.
  • Interactive analysis – use standard MS Excel functions to create reports that will allow you to see your business from a different perspective.
  • Intuitive tools – drag and drop elements and make detailed connections, perform detailed analyzes, seek help and alarms in work processes.
  • KPI-adjusted analytics (key performance indicators) will help you see the divergence days in the planned and actual delivery dates and identify the top five employees.
  • Make your reports more functional with SAP Lumira visualizations for SAP Business One.


SAP Business One helps your employees make informed, confident decisions faster by providing access to all important information on sales, operations and finance – and these solutions will be available to the whole company. Accumulating this data in a single system, and not in many disparate spreadsheets, you avoid duplication of data, extra costs and errors. Workflow alarms provide an automatic response to important business events, so you can focus on the most important. This way you will have a clear vision of your business and more confidence in that information used in decision making.

With SAP Crystal Reports’ built-in reporting tool for SAP Business One, you can create dashboards and reports that contain important information across all areas of your business. Intuitive features for detailed analysis help answer the most pressing questions. Employees can respond to customer needs more quickly, and managers can accurately track profits, expenses, and cash flows to assess performance and take corrective action.

For even faster access to information, the SAP HANA version for SAP Business One is available, providing powerful real-time analytical capabilities that allow users to quickly find the information they need to instantly create standard or custom reports in SAP Business One.

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