best-run Consulting

Best-run Consulting was founded in 2014. Over the past 8 years, a lot of projects have been successfully implemented thanks to the close teamwork of managers, consultants and project managers, who have many years of experience in implementing SAP Business One.

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best-run Consulting is an independent consulting company that helps organize and scale clients’ business using state-of-the-art business process automation software.

The key asset and the main value of the company are its specialists, their qualifications and development. After all, it is thanks to consultants, managers and project managers that all successful projects are implemented.

Behind best-run Consulting are more than 40 satisfied clients, including international companies, as well as 50 successful projects.

In 2019, we became members of the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development). And in 2022 the company became a partner of SAP SE. SAP is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of business process management software, developing solutions that facilitate efficient data processing and information exchange between organizations.

Our goals:

  • Make a contribution to the development of Ukraine, business in terms of transparency and systematization of processes.
  • Be on the cutting edge of business digitalization.
  • Be a local company and prove that small towns can host powerful companies.


In 2014, it all started with a small office and three employees. In 8 years, the company has made a striking leap in development and is now housed in a spacious modern office and has more than 20 employees.

best-run Consulting is a meticulous implementation of goals, responsibility in work, determination, creativity and compromise.

The company’s values ​​are transparency of business processes, mutual benefit and mentoring in the team. Our motto: the right process is doomed.

We continue to move forward, and we have important achievements:

  • 2018. The first foreign client. best-run Consulting has started a partnership with McDonald Paper, a company headquartered in New York (USA), which supplies everything necessary for restaurants – from glasses to refrigeration systems. To meet the demand of its customers for a reliable partnership and timely deliveries, the company decided to optimize its processes by implementing ERP.

The choice of the company fell on SAP Business One due to the adaptability of the solution to the needs of medium-sized businesses, coverage of critical business processes and ample opportunities for integration.

  • 2019. Partner / consultant of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Our company is a partner of the EBRD in the program to support small and medium-sized businesses. Under this program, the EBRD reimburses 50% of the cost of an ERP implementation project (software licenses and project work). In 2019, we completed the implementation of SAP Business One for the Ukrainian company Parquet Ideas, together with the EBRD.
  • 2021. Become owners of add-on UA: Tax and Accounting and UA: HR and Payroll. These additional software modules are fully compliant with Ukrainian legislation, which means even better performance of the system for SAP Business One users. This makes it possible to integrate all the company’s business processes into a single digital environment.
  • 2022. Official partners of SAP SE. Thanks to this, the company can sell licenses for SAP Business One, provide consultations and implement a modern ERP system of European level.


We work with companies that strive for continuous development and want to keep up with the times. The clients of best-run Consulting are medium and small business, as well as those who are moving from a startup to a system company.

SAP solutions are the link that serves to successfully systematize business processes in order to establish work within the business. Therefore, our clients are confident in improving the work and growth of the company, because, in addition to the modern ERP-system, they are supported by our consultants 24/7.


Volodymyr Bilous, CEO

He has been the head of best-run Consulting since its founding in 2014. Under Volodymyr’s leadership, the company gained SAP SE partner status and became the owner of unique additional features for SAP Business One.

The strategic approach to the development of best-run Consulting has become a leading factor in gaining unique positions in Ukraine – in particular, membership in the ERBB. The company operates at the national level, the team’s competencies allow it to export services to Europe and the United States.

Vladimir has over 15 years of experience in managing ERP projects in large companies, crisis management. Acts as a consultant to improve business efficiency through information technology