best-run Consulting has been working with licensing SAP products for many years and we can say that this is the best solution for small and medium businesses. The optimization of the company’s business processes will be more modern, safer and more reliable with this ERP system.

Investments in SAP products are investments in your own business. By investing in new software, you get a convenient system that optimizes the company’s business processes, simplifies work and helps increase profits.

Our team sees in clients not just a customer, but a full-fledged partner. That’s why we always strive to help develop and build a powerful IT platform that will take your business to the next level and make your competitiveness better.

SAP Business One can run On-Premise or On-Cloud. The ERP is efficient for any organization. Now, it can run on Traditional On-Premise environment in which the SAP Hardware is present within the Server. In case of Sap B1 On-Cloud, there are two things that can be done. One is that you can buy the Software and the partner can host the app in the date center. Secondly, you can also go for SAP Business One On-Demand solution. 

Advantages of SAP B1 On-Premise:

1. Complying with Data

Many organizations do not like to play with their data and want to keep their data secure. So, in such a case, where the organizations do not wish to synchronize their important business data such as Product Pricing, Supplier Information etc SAP B1 has to be used as On Premise.

2. Custom Integration

This is where Third-Party System Integration comes in place. Nowadays, enterprises use multiple systems along with SAP Business One like – Point Of Sale (POS), CRM, Ecommerce and Marketplace websites for Online Retail etc. Connecting these applications ( Ecommerce, POS, Marketplace, CRM etc) with SAP B1 can be done easily when it is as On-Premise.

3. Present Infrastructure

If an internal server is delivering the Return on Investment, then it is useless to leave it for a third-party data center.

Advantages of  SAP B1 On-Cloud/On-Demand:

1. ROI

Choosing an ERP is an investment for sure. The ROI on the investment is really very quick here.

2. Pricing is Monthly Based

The enterprise has to make payment on a monthly basis.Sometimes, it also happens that the SAP Partners are hosting SAP B1 in local Data Center and offering SAP Business One in monthly / User.

3. Auto-Update

The software gets automatically updated. The software patch and version updates to the instance is quite easy.

4. Data Integrity

Many organizations fear for Data Insecurity but it is a proven fact that the business data remains totaly secure as On-Demand.

5. Resource Utilization

Proper resource utilization takes place in this case. The internal staff can too focus on adding value to your business.

6. No Hardware-related issues

Nowadays enterprises do not like to put effort and time on Hardware. This is always an easy way out for the organizations.



best-run Consulting works with both licensing models.

Modern technologies, the latest techniques, and the growth of management are all about SAP solutions. Choosing this ERP system, you will have a tool to manage:

  • financial and management accounting,
  • sale of finished products,
  • industrial production,
  • purchases,
  • warehouse automation,
  • staff,
  • customer relations,
  • business intelligence,
  • budgeting,
  • logistics.

You do not have to worry about choosing a solution. Best-run Consulting will help you with this. They will also consider which SAP products will integrate with your IT ecosystem.

Cost, licensing and support conditions, implementation or deployment of the system, its configuration and training of your employees – this is part of our services. We will choose the optimal solution that is most comfortable for you.

By choosing the best-run Consulting company, you will be confident in the quality of the result and receive unconditional business support.