SAP Business One is a comprehensive system for managing small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for the automation of certain activities of corporations. Perform tasks of any level of complexity, allows you to control key business processes in real time.


Product implementation helps increase profitability and reduce operating costs. At the same time, it has a positive effect on the transparency and controllability of processes. It is a powerful business engine and a reliable assistant that simplifies the task of ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the enterprise.

SAP Business One is used by more than 60,000 customers from 150 countries. The total number of users reaches 800 thousand people. This is a confirmation of the convenience, flexibility and efficiency of the solution, which covers key business processes:

  • financial management,
  • sales and customer management,
  • control of warehouse stocks and purchases,
  • production planning,
  • business analytics,
  • analytics and reporting.

Real-time access to information allows you to make tactical decisions without delay. A strong analytical base is the foundation for the formation of strategic plans for enterprise development and profit growth.

The system also simplifies the company’s IT landscape. All processes are concentrated in one solution without the need for:

  • buy additional software,
  • integrate products on different platforms,
  • attract more staff and inflate the staff.

With the implementation of SAP Business One, department heads receive a product with a FIORI-friendly interface and fully control the work of their department or division.

An additional advantage of SAP Business One is industry modules that take into account the specifics and features of the business. An existing solution is used for implementation at a specific enterprise. This helps to speed up the system and save on implementation.

The experience of best-run Consulting shows that SAP Business One is the optimal solution for medium, small and sometimes large businesses in Ukraine. It works most effectively in the following areas:

  • distribution and wholesale trade,
  • retail,
  • production.

The flexible product is adapted both for the decision of production problems, and for adjustment of processes in the field of sales and promotes optimization of interaction with clients.


The company is implementing a system that helps to conduct business and direct actions, notes that this is exactly what needs to be done here and now without the obligation to “work” on the product. This is a key link in creating a smart enterprise, where all processes work optimally, without duplication or gaps in important components.

After the implementation of SAP Business One increases:

  • business transparency and algorithm of making managerial decisions on the basis of reliable and up-to-date data;
  • customer loyalty due to rapid response to changing demand and market conditions;
  • competitiveness of products or services taking into account market dynamics and customer behavior.

Working with consolidated analytical information on sales and additional opportunities to assess profitability create favorable conditions for expanding market share. This increases the investment attractiveness and sustainability of the enterprise through the use of a generally accepted management system.

The company gains additional benefits by entering international trading platforms for the placement of shares and becomes an equal participant in the free market.


The key to successful business is strong management software that helps you react instantly to market changes and see all the processes in the palm of your hand. At the start, most companies try to spend a minimum of money on automation. Investing in a comprehensive system is expensive, difficult, and whether it will be possible to return the investment…

There is a solution that dispels all doubts. SAP Business One Starter Package is the full functionality of the best ERP system for small and medium-sized businesses with minimal investment and lead time. Enterprise-level solutions are ready for your powerful start.


Distribution and wholesale trade

This market operates in conditions of fierce competition, and the advantage is given to companies that offer customers the best price and quality of order service. It is important to maintain a balance between customer loyalty, maintaining an optimal product range and inventory.

Additional benefits include the speed with which orders are processed, their delivery, competent handling of returns, and the handling of complaints and feedback. Therefore, the maximum simplification and optimization of internal processes come to the fore.

With SAP Business One, distribution and wholesale companies build an efficient business process management and resource planning (ERP) system. The system combines all key business processes, provides in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the company’s activities, efficiency of people management, logistics and resources.

This is especially important in an environment where the business needs to be focused on maximizing inventory, real sales, and managing finances to maintain strength and customer base. Ultimately, this has a positive effect on reducing costs and increasing profits.


It is a dynamic industry based on attracting and retaining retail buyers or small group customers. It is important to offer the consumer the optimal range, balanced price, ensure the quality of goods and freshness of products.

Even chain supermarkets have differences related to region or city (and even location), the purchasing power of customers, the local economy and the social status of the population.

To administer such work in a conditionally manual mode is to waste the company’s resources. SAP Business One balances and effectively tracks key processes:

  • Purchases. Optimal suppliers are selected, the price of goods and products is formed, discounts are calculated, etc.
  • Logistics. Commodity capital and related systems are optimized – warehousing, transportation, inventory management.
  • Sales. Centralized management of the entire network of stores, taking into account the work of the box office, promotions, direct movement and display of goods in the hall.
  • Management. The work of the head office and branches is simplified, the quality of control over the movement of funds, turnover of goods, accounting is improved, and an effective system of marketing and advertising is established.

The SAP Business One system fully automates the processes of ensuring the functioning of retail networks. This contributes to better service to the end consumer, who buys the usual goods, fresh products and has the opportunity to save on promotions.

At the same time, the network maintains and increases profitability, offers high quality service and increases the number of loyal customers.


This is a nomenclature of industries, which covers manufacturing enterprises of various directions. Regardless of the type of product offered by the plant or factory, the SAP Business One system allows you to set up processes on the basis of “smart enterprise”:

  • optimization of production resources and equipment involved;
  • product life cycle / version management;
  • achievement of industry quality standards;
  • tracking production costs;
  • transparent pricing;
  • improving resource planning and optimization;
  • faster and more accurate financial reporting;
  • increase the visibility of business efficiency.

The solution integrates all key processes and, if necessary, integrates with the systems implemented to ensure the production cycle. The use of SAP Business One has a positive effect on improving the efficiency and quality of production, better planning and increased sales.

Regardless of the field of implementation, the SAP Business One system and individual modules developed on its basis help to solve complex and non-standard tasks to ensure the maximum attractiveness and profitability of the business.

There is also less dependence on market conditions, as the company gets a strong analytical base. Management responds in a timely manner and implements decisions to adjust processes. The business is becoming stronger, more sustainable and truly modern in terms of management standards and achieving planned profitability.


Agribusiness is one of the most powerful in Ukraine. An effective ERP system is needed to create transparent and sustainable food supply chains and increase agricultural efficiency.

best-run Consulting offers a module that is ideal for SAP Business One. Manage food from farm to fork, running key business processes more efficiently throughout the agribusiness value chain.

This module allows you to manage the following areas:

  • Finances
  • Stock
  • Agricultural accounting
  • Agricultural experts
  • Setting standards
  • Operational accounting
  • Cost
  • TEP
  • Register of perennial plantations
  • Reporting (TEP, Fact Plan)

Thanks to this module and SAP Business One, you will increase the capacity of your business, build high-quality competitiveness, and ensure a smooth production cycle.

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