Beas Manufacturing or simply Beas is a software solution developed on the basis of the SAP Business One ERP system for enterprises that need to manage production processes with integrated functions for production planning and loading of enterprise resources.

This solution has been developed for over 17 years. It has absorbed the world’s best practices for various industries. It will take a long time to describe all its possibilities. Therefore, consider only the latest innovations. They clearly show that the product keeps up with the times and is constantly evolving.


  • Due to the production processes, the navigation in the system has been improved. In addition, Relocation Orders are now linked to Production Orders. This means that stocks will be spent correctly, they will not accidentally fall into another order.
  • The system will always take into account the batch size when calculating the production load and raw material supply. This will protect you from planning mistakes.
  • When planning stocks, the system will not only take into account the minimum stocks in warehouses, but also show this figure in a separate field. This will give a more transparent forecast of the need for replenishment.
  • Requests for relocation are now displayed in a separate tab of the Recommendations for orders.
  • Inventory planning can be done on the basis of both the Forecast and the Agreement, which greatly simplifies the work of the procurement specialist.
  • In the system interface used in the shop (terminal or tablet), you can view all documents related to the Production Order. You can save photos during quality control.
  • There are now separate applications for tasks such as shipping, posting and issuing inventories. This greatly simplifies the work of relevant specialists.
  • When submitting a request for Quality Control can now form a document Request for transfer of inventory, which increases control over the use of fixed assets.
  • The APS (Perspective Planning) feature, which allows you to create a detailed production plan based on all materials and resources, can run in the background without interfering with the user’s work with the program immediately after launch.

Request to move inventory

The shop worker can easily select one or more production orders and send a request for full or partial movement of stocks to fulfill the order.

Taking into account the size of the batch of products in the preliminary calculation

The system protects the user from providing incorrect value in the Commercial Offer, because the size of the production batch is taken into account when creating the Order. Data on the batch size are entered in the appropriate field in the nomenclature directory.

Display additional information about the minimum stock of MRP in stock

The MRP calculation may show warnings for positions where the total minimum stock status is positive, but at least one of the warehouses is in insufficient minimum stock.

The MRP calculation now takes into account the components of the specification from the sales documents obtained from the Forecast or Sales Agreement

This feature allows you to calculate the items of the sales order specification created on the basis of the Forecast or Contract. In SAP you can find the specification for the item – if this product is available in the sales order, its components can be seen in the order document.


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