SAP Business One consultant

At the beginning of the ERP system implementation, it is a difficult question to estimate the duration of the stages due to several uncertain factors. How much additional functionality will need to be programmed? What exactly is the data, from what sources, and what quality of information will need to be transferred to the new system?


To answer these questions, you need to conduct an in-depth analysis of enterprise processes for compliance with ERP functionality. This is already a phase of the project according to the classical methodology, which I described in the article “SAP Business One Implementation: (Not Only) in Software We Trust. In Methodology as Well“.

We wondered if it’s possible to make a proposal for the implementation of SAP Business One for small and medium-sized businesses with clear deadlines less than 4 months?

Yes, it is possible. The result is our Light Offer. As part of this approach, we are implementing an SAP Business One solution that has key modules:

  • Procurement,
  • Sales,
  • CRM,
  • Warehouse management,
  • Service management,
  • Accounting,
  • Finance and budgeting,
  • MRP.

In addition, the client receives a Business Intelligence system for comprehensive analysis of enterprise activities and a mobile application SAP Business One (one of the three standard).

Light Offer is a ready-made package of services that has clear conditions:

  • One legal entity and database.
  • Up to 10 named system users.
  • Entering directories and initial balances into the system is carried out by the customer (client).
  • Typical functionality is used, without modifications and integrations with external systems.

Under such conditions, SAP Business One can be implemented in 2-4 months. The final date of the project depends on the number of users and the required system modules.


The implementation of SAP Business One according to the Hard Offer methodology includes five stages:

  • Initiation and planning.
  • Infrastructure deployment.
  • User training.
  • Setting up a productive base.
  • Transition to productive operation and support.

The first two stages last up to a week: the Charter and the Project Plan are signed, the system is deployed, licenses are generated, user profiles are created.

Next, we begin user training. To do this, we conduct workshops in which consultants demonstrate standard processes, answer user questions and record specific requests for customization.

After collecting the requests, the consultants systematize them and look for consulting solutions for each of them to cover the client’s requirements without further development, then demonstrate the draft solution.

In some cases, this is a proposal to reengineer the current business process, sometimes a combination of SAP Business One settings. Those standard draft decisions that did not suit the client are drawn up in a GAP-analysis document indicating the priority. The programmer evaluates the work on each such task.

Number of tasks can be defined by the formula:

The constant indicator here is one – “System flexibility”, which depends on the vendor – SAP. “Intersectoral experience of a consultant”, ie our intersectoral polyglotism, depends on us, and it is constantly growing. The third indicator is “Client’s unwillingness to change” – well, you understand… The more the client tries to deviate from the standard settings, the more likely it is that the cost of the project will increase.

After defining all the requirements, the productive base will be installed, where all the settings will be implemented and joint testing with the client will be conducted. To do this, we prepare scripts, which are also instructions for users.

After successful completion of test cases, the client goes into productive operation. We provide services to support the system in the “hot line” mode.

As we noted in a previous blog post, this is a start on the path to an intelligent enterprise. And Light Offer is the best start, or as we say – best-run.


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